Registration Date: Feb. 27, 2008. Last Updated: Sep. 12, 2015
Business Nature : Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

Company Brief

We are, PT. Euroasiatic Jaya, a German trading company working in the field of machinery especially the sole agent for Alstom/ Actom Coal Fired Steam Boiler, Alstom/ Actom Thermax Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler, EMO Gas/ Solar Fired Steam Boiler, Omnical Gas/ Solar Fired Steam Boiler, Inplan Gas/ Solar fired Thermal Oil Boiler, Standardkessel Gas/ Solar Fired Steam Boiler, HTI Gesab High Pressure Boiler, MWM Gas Engine and Kawasaki Gas Turbine.

Due to high price of diesel fuel, we would like to offer you our Alstom/ Actom Coal Fired Boiler.
For usage of 20.000 liter diesel fuel/ month, you can save:
( Rp 11.000/ lt x 20.000 lt) ( Rp 900/ kg x 31.000 kg) = Rp 192.100.000/ month

Due to PLN electricity tariff increase, we would like to offer you our MWM Gas Engine.
For PLN electricity usage of 2.000.000 kwh/ month, you can save approx 1.400.000 kwh/ month:
( ( Rp 1.268 / kwh - Rp 1.000 / kwh) x 1.400.000 kwh ) = Rp 375.200.000/ month

Please contact : andru.h.w@ or andru.wijaya@